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Universal White Time Healing is an ancient Universal healing art. It gives us the possibility to work with a healing that is targeting the problem through time and space. A healing that is individually searching for the problem, finding the need, wherever that might be, inside or outside of the person, animal, plant, or situation that you choose to heal. This healing can both heal, relax and affect, for example, the environment in a positive way, if that has had a negative influence on the client’s health or life.

Universal White Time Healing is particularly helpful for those who have experienced trauma as it is an incredibly gentle healing modality. It does not require talking or reliving traumatic experiences and can work without the barrier of time to create healing, relaxation, and increased peace. In addition, the healing session itself is very gentle and non-invasive in nature. Sessions can be done in person or by distance. In person sessions may involve light touch around the head, hands, torso and lower leg, and feet (over clothing and a light blanket) while the client lies on a massage table.

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More about Universal White Time Healing:

The Universal White Time healing goes in and reaches the deepest vibration, on the physical plane, our atomic level. It is also working on the most subtle of thoughts, emotions and dreams, creating the smartest of ways of solving problems, inspiring new ideas and increasing positive experiences. So the healing can balance everything both physical and psychological, but even on the emotional plane.

The philosophy behind Universal White Time Healing says that the body is like a musical instrument that is supposed to create the finest of vibrations and tones. When the body is feeling sick, the instrument plays out of tune. Because Universal White Time Healing goes so deep in, it can tune the body to the right tone again. Attuned for a healthy and happy life. This part and the experience of Universal White Time Healing is something that the healers themselves experience when working with the healing; their lives become more light and filled with harmony. Then the healing becomes a way of life and everyone working with it just loves the feeling of healing themselves and everything and everyone they know.

This healing art is completely different from other forms of healing, partly through its unique origin, but also through its ability to reach the deepest laying problems without limit for time. Because White Time means that you work simultaneously with all the times in one unit, past, present, and future flow together and it can also be said that it is also possible to work parallel to Normal Time. This is because White Time is its own unique quality. White Time also means that all colors are present within the healing process and that is very positive for the body. The philosophy says that when the body doesn’t feel ok, it’s not only a lack of tones that is a problem but also a lack of colors.

Universal White Time Healing is open for everyone, both young and old, and of any background or belief. Because the future and tomorrow is what is important, not what is left behind. A person doesn’t need to understand Spirituality before, and you don’t need to seek something afterwards. No one has to change because it is ok to be who you are. The only side effect we have with this healing is that most of the people who receive or work with Universal White Time Healing become happier afterwards. (*Description of Universal White Time Healing provided by Channie Cha)

About Me:

I am a Fort Collins/LaPorte native who values humor and hard work. I was fortunate to be born in to a family who have lived in this area for generations and who have a strong connection to people, animals, and the surrounding nature our mountain range provides. From birth to my early 20’s I worked with domestic and wild animals both at home and at the Humane Society for Larimer County. Although I loved working with animals I saw that working with youth was a way to effect positive growth and change for those in the most need. The years have flown by and I have worked with wounded and at-risk youth and their families for over 18 years. During this time I have journeyed along the spiritual and healing path that I had always known I was meant to follow. I had the privilege to study under my Head Teachers Zari Pirasteh and Channie Cha and have been honored to be a part of a healing community that is humble, kind, funny, supportive, and most of all dedicated to helping the Earth and all its inhabitants.

If you are interested in booking a healing session, taking a class, or simply finding out more about energy work please contact Erin at 970.484.8427 ext.3. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to being part of your journey to ascension.