Youth and Family Coaching

Youth and Family Coaching is designed to provide individualized, short term, goal focused support services to at-risk youth, parents, and/or families in Larimer County. Each family is assigned a coach that meets with them weekly in the community or at home. Coaches facilitate prosocial activities, strategies to improve regulation and relatedness, as well as one-on-one mentoring and development of skills that promote and develop resilience for parents and youth.

Visit activities may include but are not limited to: volunteering, outdoor and nature based activities, sports, job searching/ job readiness skills, organizational skills, recreation, art, music, outdoor activities, and developing regulation, communication and social skills.

Coaches are a part of the professional team and can participate in family meetings, professional meetings, and school meetings. It is our aim to provide flexible services, emotional support, encouragement, and to increase self-sufficiency throughout our work with youth and families.

Types of Coaching: