NYPUM (National Youth Project Using Minibikes) Program

What is NYPUM?

NYPUM is an experiential therapy program for youth ages 10-17. The youth are taught to ride dirt bikes by staff that have been fully trained and certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Once the youth have completed the structured riding lessons, the family develops three concrete goals for the youth to work on each week in order to earn riding time. These goals are monitored by parents, NYPUM staff, schools, and whoever else is involved in supporting the youth.

NYPUM combines the incentive of riding minibikes for youth between the ages of 10 and 17, and the love of the outdoors with the support that comes with the relationships that develop among participants and their mentors. Since its inception, NYPUM has proven to be highly effective at youth mentoring; whether at-risk or not, youth that have challenges with their behavior or academic performance can be positively affected by a NYPUM experience

How is NYPUM Set-Up?

NYPUM sessions are 25 weeks long and participants meet once per week on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoons. Participants are able to participate in full Saturday rides once per month. It is requested that participants get transportation to and from designated meeting spots. However, NYPUM staff will provide transportation to and from the riding tracks.

For more information you can download our brochure here – NYPUM Brochure

Or visit the National NYPUM Website at: www.nypum.org

If you would like to refer a youth to our program, please download the referral form here - NYPUM Referral and submit via fax at (970) 482-8713 or email Jonathan Lee, jon@jacobcenter.org.

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